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Imagine making your new employee so excited to work for you because they just got done with your video training series!

Instead of feeling bored and overwhelmed

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Modern & Exciting Videos
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Edited by one of You Tube’s top e-learning videographers

Modern Video Editing

Highly Engaging

Interactive Training Experience

Customized to your brand.

“Check with Management”

Throughout the videos, we say “check with management” at certain points because every business is unique. We call this “paw prints” and it is where a yellow paw will appear on the screen. You have the ability to customize this training series to fit your company. 

Just fill in the blanks on the sheet provided with your “secret sauce.”

Bring your Training to Life!

This is the first of its kind in the pet sitting and dog walking industry!

The more engaging your training process is, the better your business looks.

You need to keep your new hire interested and support them throughout the onboarding process.

You Need a Training that is…


So it naturally progresses


To only dog walking and pet sitting – Not for dog groomers, trainers, pet stores or care, or facilities.


Simple so you don’t overwhelm your new employee and flood them with too much info.

Who Teaches It?

5 different trainers keep lessons exciting and entertaining!

Only the best to help explain the course content to your new employee.

Five experts with a proven track record in the industry.

This is NOT a library of anyone and everyone

NOT presentation style given by one person

Missy Pruitt-Chastain

Professional Cat Behaviorist

Josh Sosnow

Board Certified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Mark Siebel

Certified Professional Pet Trainer

Liz Illg

Small Business Consultant and Pet Business Owner

Bella Vasta

National Award Winning Pet Business Owner and Coach

That’s 13 x 5 = 135 Pieces of Content
Completed in under 2 hours!

What will they learn?

Three Modules: Play each video clip below to get a feel for what they learn!

Module 1:
The Basics

Module 2: Tools of the Job

Module 3: Client Experience


We won’t drown your new employees in video after video

Overwhelm them with too much information.

Only give them the parts that they need to be successful pet sitters and dog walkers. 

Need Pet First Aid and CPR? We Got You!

Get 2 certification badges! One from Pet Care Team Training and
a Pet Care Pro Certification Badge for your website!

Pet Care Team Training

Pet Pro Hero Certification

How Much Does It Cost? 


Pet Care Team Training License


Pet Care Team Training License


Basic or Plus Pet Care Team Training License




  • Pet Sitter Certification
  • 13 Lessons
  • Fun and Interactive Training Videos
  • Templates – Customized to your Brand
  • PawPrints for easy to Follow Learning
  • Quizzes to Test their Knowledge
  • Completed in under 2 hours
  • Module One: The Basics
    • Dog Body Language
    • Caring for Puppies
    • Caring for Cats
    • Dog Walking 101
    • Administering Medication
  • Module Two: The Job
    •  Leashes, Harnesses & Collars
    •  Litter Boxes
    •  Dog Crates
  • Client Care
    • Common Issues
    • Consultations
    • Security & Safety
    • Do’s and Dont’s in a Client’s Home
    • Client Service
  • You get everything with the basic plan PLUS
  • Pet First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Monitoring your pet
  • Illness
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Injuries
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Pick a license that you want!
  • Avail subscription to Basic or Plus Pet Care Team Training for yourself and your team
  • Get set up to auto deducted

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Branded Graphics

Show off to the world that you train your new employee and take the steps to higher educate your staff. 


Be prepared for your quarterly employee meetings and training! 

Word-for-Word Transcripts

Watch the videos or download and read. We make sure your team can learn!

Monthly Training Newsletters

We’ll keep your team up to date with ongoing pet care training emails!

Paw Prints

Our revolutionary way to make this training personalized to your company.

24 Hour Money Back GUARANTEE!

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It all depends on the individual but we estimate that the videos will take under two hours to watch and take the test.
Yes, All inside the learning system.
It means that we certify they have completed our course.
No, you’ll have lifetime access!
No they are not. You will need a licenses and unique UN and PW for each new employee.
Yes, it can! To have your dashboard updated with your logo, please email a high-resolution image of your logo to hello@petcareteamtraining.com. Your dashboard will be updated with your logo within 72 business hours.
Customer support is available M-F and emails are answered within 4 hours during regular PST business hours.
This is a tough question. We might add one or two a year if we determine there is an extreme need, The best thing about this course is that it is specific and streamlined so this is not meant to be a library of everything and anything. Only exactly what your new hire needs to do their job well.

What They’re Saying!

Contact customer support at hello@petcareteamtraining.com M-F.
We answer emails every 4 hours during regular PST business hours.